This one is for you Jamie, go get a credit card and stick it on the never never….!

The Bike:

- Surly Long Haul Trucker bicycle with 700 wheels (in hindsight which one knows is a wonderful thing, 26″ might be better as the roads starting getting very bad soon but bigger wheels are easier to turn)

- Ortlieb back roller classic panniers front and rear

- Topeak Handle bar bag that is utter junk. the only use for this thing is to get maps wet, damage cameras and carry liquerace all sorts so you can eat them as you cycle. Buy an ortlieb bar bag

- Surly front rack

- Tubus rear rack that some monkey cut and welded then passed off on ebay as if it was ok….

Camping Stuff:

- North Face Mountain Marathon tent – one man very light,. very bad unless pitched on a completely horizontal surface. No room for the bags. Buy a Hilleberg so you can sit up in it. the pyschological aspect of being able to have somewhere to look forward to get into at the end of the day can not be under estimated.

- Sleeping bag that scottie gave me. some random german brand that goes down to minus 12. Used it to minus 25 and it is not comfortable but works. Buy a down one. Expensive but worth it.

- Thermarest prolite. Expensive but very good. Found out that it self inflates as well after spending the last few weeks killing myself blowing the bloody thing up…

- Primus stove. Very poor heating control, buy msr

- msr stainless cookset because cooking with aluminum is not good for you

- knife, fork, spoon and a spatula

- some washing up liquid in a little squirty bottle, a tea towel and some herbs and spices

- msr water filter

- msr water bags

- camelbak (soon to be binned in the never ending quest to lose more weight)

Other stuff that fills up the bags and has to be carted about:

-North face summit series down jacket (the best thing ever made)

- North face fleece

- Berghaus water proof

- Gore waterproof trousers

- Helly hansen lifa long sleeve top x 2 off

- ice breaker socks and underwear

- Cycling shorts

- Trousers x 2 (one wet one that is always dry)

- Shirt x 2 (as above)

- radio

- Solar charger

- first aid kit

- tool kit for the bike

- couple of spare tires and spare tubes, lots and lots of cable ties, duct tape and a swiss army knife

- emergancy food and survival kit

And that is pretty much it. For a bike look at a dawes galaxy as they have been making them for years and they are cheap as chips.

the annoying thing is that to get all of the above entails quite a lot of money but ebay is a wonderous thing. For a short trip you do not need equipment that is as lightweight or you dont have to carry a tent or cooking stuff. If you are crossing longer distances then you have to be completely self sufficent. The important thing that I urge you is that if you have half an idea about taking a punt and giving it a go.. do it.






One last thing, if you just want to get going quickly take a read of the following site -

i do not endorse all the guys views as quite frankly some of the stuff he is coming out with is nuts and he looks like a spod but it shows that you can travel very long distances with next to nothing if you have the right attitude (i.e. willing to endure discomfort, push your luck and get a very sore arse…)