So I am waiting for medical results to come back. I have a million and one emails to write so if I have not been in touch do not take it personally. Rode a ride down in phillip island last weekend with jane and jules. I took it a bit too seriously and came second. Although it was not a race and we where on the shortest course. ahem.  All I can say is that I want a carbon framed bike. The surly is a bit of a tank. Photo below is me, jane and jules. Its raining. In australia…. again…


Oh yeah forgot to mention this guy….

P1030877 (Medium)

The fly net is needed, believe me :) A bad translation for anybody who is interested is as follows:

Andy Reynolds
It was the only rider with whom I crossed path in the first part of the Outback and not brought good face. Seeing the photo is easy to draw two conclusions. Andy, destroyed by the wind, came from Darwin (north). Network because it had not in the province of Northern Territory there is little flies. I, led by the south wind, carrying the network because the South is impossible to cycle without it. Exchange practical information, maps, and we parted. I always feel bad when you see a similar away in the opposite direction in one year came from London and ended in Melbourne

So other than that, I just have to sit and wait, everything is up in the air at the moment and things could go very good or very very bad… However there are worse places in the world to have to sit and endure this. My friends here in Melbourne have been incredible.

Random/travel/bicycle links for you:–Adventurer-takes-wheely-long-ride-penny-farthing.html

Thats two from the daily mail… jesus…

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  1. Sy says:

    How’s it going what’s up?? mail me!


  2. Jo says:

    maybe you would have come first if you were wearing lycra

  3. Administrator says:

    maybe :) do you have a scar on your arm because i do….

  4. Jo says:

    I do actually… I also had to explain to my housemate why I had arrived home with a moustache and a swastika…

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