So after 14 and a half months and 14,502 miles (23,203km) I am back in the real world. No more putting up the tent, no more taking down the tent, no more riding day after day after day after… well you get the idea.

Back here amongst friends and it feels wonderful to stop but the next hill lies ahead…. hmmmm. Will write more when I can summon the energy.

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  1. Gemma says:

    Congratulations iron man! Wow what an achievement! Bet you’ll miss all those weird and wonderful moments! You’ll have the next cycling trip planned soon!!

  2. Martin says:

    Congratulations Andy! We know all the hard work it takes!!
    And the next hill is the though one… as for me, today is my first day at work…. bet I won’t stand it more than … 2 weeks??

  3. Sy says:

    Congratulations mate! You coming riding in Wales soon then? Team rider Dave is doing this :
    on friday driving the van in support, have a read when your having a rest.
    Loco needs a designer/tea boy when you get back to ;-)
    Have a good rest think you’ve earnt it!

  4. Heleen says:

    Wow Andy! Amazing!!! Sooo proud of what you achieved! You have stories to tell for the rest of your life, I imagine… :) Nicole told me you two will meet up soon. Have a fab time. Am thinking and missing both of you so have a drink on me. Have a loooong rest.
    oh and I am as impressed as you are with your “no moaning” comments about ozzies…:p hurray!
    lots of love xxxxxx

  5. Kris says:

    Real world as in England? Or as in non-cycling Australasian world? You rode precisely 6,389 miles more than me in the same amount of time!

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