Another computer that does not work… does any computer in this country have a functioning usb port or internet connection?! anyway the good news is that I have managed to cross the continent and I am in Adelaide. A massive thanks again to the people I have met on the way down here. Particular highlights being the spanish cyclist going north, the couple who got me so drunk on port that i went to my tent to sleep with a hangover before my head even hit the pillow, the other couple who after seeing me cycle 120km at 10km/h against a headwind and drop my bike in the rest area called over ‘you want a beer mate?!’ bless you and the chicken and rice. Who else? The lady behind the bar in pimba who gave me a very big bag of food for less than cost, and phil the australian snooker and billiard champion who took me for a drive up to woomera and an afternoon of hitting golf balls out of the car park over the road into the desert with all the other grey nomads… (i dont want to boast but this guy once played jimmy white AND alex higgins… and i beat him 3-0 at pool :) , probably only because he was teaching me how to play the game correctly…. :)

Who else? the guy in the car who slowed down and gave me a can of pop as i was riding along, the german backpackers camping in front of the no camping sign who could not believe i have ridden this far and took a photo of the world map i have (i was discreet enough to go and camp in a bird shelter but these guys… what sign?!), 90% of the cars going north up the stuart highway for waving, raising a finger or honking. The melbourne detective on his second day out of adelaide going up to alice on one of the nicest bikes I have seen on the road for a very long time. (yeti full sus)

 All the f*ggot hell’s angels wannabes who crusie up and down the stuart highway on gleaming symbols of arrested development. thanks for making me smile by looking uncomfortable every time i wave at you.

So aside from the cost of the road houses ($4.50 for a sprite?) it was a lot lot easier than expected. The head wind lasted from alice to here which slowed things down a lot but it has been worth it more than anything else just to see the wildlife. Snakes, spiders, scorpions, mice, beetles, little furry catterpillars that hook together and walk in metre long lines down the road, dozens and dozens of different types of birds, foxes, rabbits, dingos, emus, kangaroo’s, lama’s, bush pigs, bush horses.. you name it and it has tried to eat me on the way here :)

So the clock sits at 13,903 miles, taking a little detour in SA before dipping back onto the coast road I have about 600 miles to go… last 1000km :) (If you could see my smile now……)

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  1. Sy says:

    Hi glad you made it!
    All good here little one walking and the suns out :-)

  2. Kris says:

    Epic, Andy.

  3. charlie says:

    enjoyed meeting you this morning at mt lofty summit andy, if it wasn’t for meeting you i would still think everything that Brooks makes for bikes is purely designed to look like an olde worlde museum relic. wonder if you clocked you trip top speed on road back down?

    enjoy the tail end of the trip


  4. Hello and well done !
    We are now in Bangkok but our goal is still to get to adelaide the same way you did so expect a few more questions from us in the next months. We think we will start from Darwin end of August.

    Good luck for the end of your trip !

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