Coober Pedy

The computer that i am on is junk so i have to be very quick, i still have not had the chance to thank everybody who has helped me out on the way down, especially in alice. i will try and do this the next time i am on a computer that is not a piece of xxxx. In the meantime, i have less than a thousand miles to go to tbe finsih line if i take the short cut… hmmm other than that everything is trying to eat me. the mossies are just insane, but the flies… my god thick clouds of the things trying to crawl up your nose, into your ear and an unexpected new favourite… ever slept in a tent than woken up to find a mouse chewing away on your toe? no? they have eaten there way into the tent twice and once into the ortliebs… the tent can be fixed but the pannier has had it…

oh and south australian road planners? are they retarded? in the nt you get told how far to the next rest area which normally always means water? here in sa you get told 1km before you hit it. what xxxxing use is 1km?and the distances instead of being in 10, 15 even 50 to go, no 87km or3km… sorry but when you are cycling against a very strong head wind for 12 hours a day the little things start to get on your nerves… :)

right moan over, other than that, still meeting some really incredible people. i am getting a bit worried as there is a conspicous lack of mouth breathers about? maybe the bogans will be found further down south?

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  1. adam says:

    Told you that the road signs get shit down there… Glad that you are still rolling safely young man. You could always cut throught to mildura via Burra could stay with my brother there. that way you miss the huge hills that are the other side of adelade. keep on pushing andy, you are now concering the road that i missed out on….

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