I did a search on the jesus loves nachos and somebody else took a photo, obviously there camera had not been soaked through and broken (the second one…) Saw it on a water tank in the middle of nowhere, but anyway have a look through her set as its a good idea of what I am riding through at the moment.

 The backpackers I meet think i’m mad as ‘there is nothing out there??!’, that is where they are wrong, snakes, kangaroos, bush pigs, more birds than I can even begin to describe, lizards and dingo’s that track you as you cycle down the road.. A car comes past once every ten to fifteen minutes and with my mp3 player now completely dead it is slowly becoming a relaxing ride. Bit hot at times and the head wind can be a killer but its worth it just to meet some of the people up here.

 I stopped in at the Daly Waters pub (6 pounds a pint…) and was treated to free food and coffee by mark who is working there. Mark is an aussie that has cycled from the uk to istanbul and is set to go back and do istanbul to daly waters. Do it mate :) Nice to meet you and the rest of the staff, thanks again for the food it was very much appreciated.

 Should be in tennant creek in 3 days, adam if you are reading this I will be at the back packers mate.


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