“Jesus loves nachos” seen on the railway bridge coming into Katherine. Next to the Lord will ********* what was scribbled out I have no idea… (Plenty of the lord is returning signs nailed to tress up round here? Australias bible belt?)

“Hey mr, do you get paid to do that?” Little aborigional girl of about 7 watching me try and pedal up a hill into town…

So Katherine, I have to be very quick as it is very expensive here. So expensive that it makes you want to weep, but after 3 days I am in Katherine with the fun of; 1 crash lying in the road waiting for a road train to finish me, 1 punctured thermarest mattress that involved having to sleep on my clothes as the chinese superglue i had did not work.. thats a surprise isnt it?! 1 evening spent listening to the dogs on the radio in my tent “wheres me bundy takes the lead…” :) 1 encouter with a snake that was very much alive and very much bigger than I had ever seen. 1 morning thinking about crocs after seeing one squashed on the road, near to where I had camped… what else? 2 meat pies and then a painful afternoon as the calories tried to defeat my urge to pedal.. 100km’s between water. Its like the desert in China just without an affable uruguayan and the bad food.

Oh and water, lots and lots of water. The storms come in fast so you end up cycling in a thunderstorm in a shirt and shorts trying to ignore the looks the people in the cars are giving you as they go the overway. There is talk that the next stretch from here is flooded out but I will give it a go… Never thought you could be dehydrated in a thunderstorm but its possible… :)

Oh and crime, all the backpackers are scared to death of the locals. Apparently Tennant Creek is a war zone and Alice Springs has more police than France… I am guessing all this is nonsense but we shall see…

Oh and heres a game for all you at home, see the map above, see the little dot that is Darwin, follow the line and that dot  is Katherine… ok, that is 200 miles…. :)

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  1. Martin says:

    Hey Andy….
    I would take the Oz desert if I could, sounds much better than China again. Actually I miscalculated the distances… it´s 800 km from the Vietnamese border to Hong Kong, thus, because I was pedalling like nuts, I´m now 450 km from HK, sitting here alone in a grim hotel room in a yet another concrete-building Chinese town, with a sore knee due to the intense cycling, paying an overpriced hotel because I can’t deal any more with the Chinese…

    sounds like I´m having fun here, uhhhh

    enjoy the snakes, they don’t bite if you are awake :P

  2. Sha Daneshmend says:

    Hi Andy,

    Very impressed you’ve made it all the way to Australia – just amazing! How are you doing out there?
    Will you be making it all the way back through the states?

    Sha x

  3. Administrator says:

    ha ha, usa?! dont give me ideas :) money is going to run out very very soon so i go to work in nz… hows life treating you anyhow?!

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