Taking planes sure makes the line move a long a lot quicker…

So back in OZ with the hippo bins, neon work shirts, op shops and people who speak english. No more drawing pictures, no more playing charades at last you can hold a conversation with a stranger for longer than a minute without getting tired. Happy to be here.

I landed after spending a small fortune on excess baggage charges. Considering that I met Keith  http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/?o=RrzKj&doc_id=3951&v=5IP at singapore airport who had just lost his passport and then caused a pile up on the motorway coming in, all things considered I got away lightly…

Despite less than a week in sterile singapore I was a bit sad to leave. After Wit showed me the best library I have ever been in it was the perfect antidote to the million and one shopping malls which offer air conditioning if nothing else. A massive thanks to both Tim for shouting me some hideously expensive drinks and Wit (who I originally met in Rotterdam when I was walking like a crab because the cleats of my bike had been set up incorrectly) who took me round Singapore over more than a couple of days. Wit who works for http://www.dpa.com.sg/ (how good is that website?) gave me a nice tour of their offices, a guided tour of the architectural highlights of Singapore and the Thai concept of uncle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etiquette_in_Asia  Good luck making your first million on the old import/export scheme, hope to see you again soon pal.

I arrive in Darwin only to have a camel hunter called Peter help me fix up the bike outside the arrivals lounge. I then cycle into town as the sun comes up, get a bed in a shiny hostel with a swimming pool and the best breakfast I have ever seen in an hostel and then ride round the block to the local bike shop.

A mini explosion or organized chaos? Keith the guy that runs is a legend. I had lost one of the spacers that adjust the handlebars on the headset, as he fitted a new one it was tightened a bit too much meaning the whole thing stuck fast then started spinning. Cue some bush mechanic style ingenuity with a cold chisel, monkey wrench, screw driver and finally an angle grinder. Hitting the remnants of the star nut down into the steerer tube with an old pedal axle the new set up was finished with a new marathon xr back tyre, two new inner tubes and another bottle cage which takes me up to 5 bottle cages on the bike now… all this was carried out whilst he is telling joke after joke..

This is why I wanted to come back to oz, to meet the characters :)  

Tomorrow I stock up on food and water and whilst the sudden increase in price makes you want to cry, everything and I mean everything you need is available in a single shop. Then I start cycling south the day after.

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  1. adam nicholson says:

    Hey there andy let me know your plains, I have just read that you are in oz. i am still here in alice and am eagerly awation your arrival. was thinking of meeting up with you and doing some of the ride with you. call me on 0414337879 as i have driven and riden this road a few times and can let you in on some advice. and know of some places to stay.

  2. Heleen says:

    happy memories… no more extreme moaning in oz this time eh!? you promised! :p keep us updated. xxx

  3. Sy says:

    Glad to see Tim sorted you out, Loco Sponsored drink I might add, nothing much changes with the mechanicing though still belting things with hammers!
    Have and good one !

  4. Karen says:

    i’ll be out there in 5 weeks.. so hope we can catch up!


  5. Administrator says:

    for sure but i think you mighjt have to detour as the scale of this copuntry is hitting me hard… :) not as big as china but still huge….

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