Singapore is a ‘fine’ country (sorry…)

Singapore is sterile. I am not saying in anyway this is bad, just that everything is a bit too German. Everything works, everybody waits for the green man to cross the road… its that type of place.

If you do business and have a materially driven lifestyle then its a dream. For me its all a bit strange. I have this overwhelming desire to start running round with a marker pen but then the last time somebody from the UK did that they ended up with interpol after them…

It is like being back in Iran when you suddenly wanted to start drinking, just because somebody has told you that you can’t. childish I know but it is simple psychology. They say no, you do it just to prove that you can. If on the off chance that you are in Iran I recommend the following recipe for making your own brew…

Have fun.

Singapore is a ‘fine’ country

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