Cycling training alone, is truthfully, pretty tough. Long runs done to prepare for marathons are definitely lonely, but hanging onto the handlebars of a bike all by yourself and pedaling on and on is a much more solitary undertaking. It’s the same movement repeated over and over. You go up slopes, on level ground, and down slopes. Sometimes the wind’s with you, sometimes against you. You switch gears as needed, change your position, check your speed, pedal harder, let up a bit, check your speed, drink water, change gears, change your position… Sometimes it strikes me as an intricate form of torture. In his book the triathlete Dave Scott wrote that of all the sports man has invented, cycling has to be the most unpleasant of all. I totally agree.

Haruki Murakami

It was a slog here, but I got here. On a different topic it would appear that if you want a functioning website it is best to pay the fees to the right people… that and if they send you emails its probably best to read them…

anyhow :) Singapore. 25 dollars for a singapore sling at Raffles but it had to be done.

20,000km and the end of this bit of land, OZ lies ahead and thats it, done. Flight is booked for Monday to Darwin and only a big sand pit, customs and finding the stuff to pack up the bike stands in my way…

Chinese state TV appearance is here:

I retract every word, the food is rubbish :)

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