Day 364

Number of free meals within 24 hours of arriving in Malaysia? 3.

I crossed the border after another meal in a thai restaurant where the woman asked me if i would like to stay for a massage… Crossing the border itself was a piece of cake, how long would you like to stay sir? 30 days? ok, stamp

Makes a change, another free country to get into…

Keyboard is playing up will finish this later.


Right new computer… so this is where I am:


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go read the only comment under the picture :)

No pleasing some eh?!

Right so Malaysia is wonderful, very friendly people away from the tourist traps and some incredible food. The first night I passed over the border and was forced to ride down the main motorway/duel carriageway the E1. Having no service stations I started to get a bit worried and decided to call it a day and take the next junction.

I cycle into surburbia which was strange enough as it is not something I have seen for a very long time and end up camping behind a small open air restaurant that was closing. The guy running it gives me a boiled egg and two rice and fish parcels that where beautifully wrapped in banana leaves. He then comes back at 10pm scaring the hell out of me with all his friends on scooters to give me more food. At 6.30am his father and grandfather make an appearance to give me yet more food for breakfast including tea in a plastic bag to be drunk with a straw. Thank you gents.

As I pack up I realise that there are at least 30 cyclists all on very expensive mountain bikes across the road. Just as I finish packing they leave only for me to be shouted at to come along. the last rider stops and I ask if they are heading south. He says no but then spends the morning taking me to the good road that leads down to singapore which is a hundred times safer and actually has some shade (sitting underneath a fly over mixing up re-hydration sachets gets old quick). It turns out that Ali went to Liverpool as a 19 year old and studied at John Moores for three years. Now back in Malaysia 20 years later with three kids it was a shock for both of us to run into one another, how often do you meet a Malaysian who can hold a topic on Tranmere Rovers?!

Yet another good person that treated me to food and gave me a brief insight into Malaysia. I have his blog where he took photos of our ride together but it is not with me at the moment so I will post the link the next time I am on the net.

So from there I cycled, ate a curry, cycled ate another curry. Discovered hot milo which they put ice into; it’s good.  Ate another curry, slept next to a river and endured a thunder and lighting storm and the biggest ants I have ever seen in my entire life. (Did you know that you can get ants with wings the size of a bee?)

Then seeing a sign for a ferry I came here on a whim and I am now sleeping in an old Chinese warehouse with cockroaches the size of mice running round. Its cheap though.

So tomorrow marks the one year anniversary so far. Just shy of 12,000 miles on the speedo. Bearing in mind that it spends half the time not working – you have to take it off and lick the contacts to get a connection at the moment :)   I am more than happy with how far I have been able to get in a year. As for the rest of the bike, well scotty and jane very kindly took all my winter gear with them to Melbourne. It has made a huge difference getting one very big pannier off the bike. Its a bit of a pain in the arse having to sleep without a sleeping bag but its so hot at the moment it makes no difference until about 3am when I have fumble around and find a jacket in the dark to use as a blanket.

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  1. Sy says:

    Check you mail Tim’s been in touch, free food MMMMM!

  2. Administrator says:

    nice one :)

  3. Kris says:

    Happy 1 year on the road! I didn’t realise we only left 2 days apart! Your speedo must be WELL underestimating if mine’s just under 8000 and I haven’t ridden for 2 months…

  4. heleen says:

    Happy (late) anniversary Andy! hard to imagine you have been away for a year… time certainly flies. Dreamt about you 3 nights ago. Realised that I even missed you in my dream. :( lol innocently though! Hah
    You won’t be away for another year, will you? Malaysia sounds great. I regretfully missed it when I went to Singapore. You planning to go there? Enjoy. xx hugs

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