Why am i putting old pictures in now? because this post is completely out of order. If i dont do this now I will forget where i found them. So it should be ignored :)

as a brief aside you know that what you are doing is a bit strange when a midget without any legs (forgive me for not being very pc) who is pushing himself round on a skateboard begging stares at you and the bike like your a complete and utter freak… mixed in with the thai boy in the sandwich shop who¬† keeps on winking at me slowly and asking if i will “remember him” whilst he flicks his hair away from his face, and the homeless man this morning who picked up a dead fish next to the river and had a conversation with it whilst a beautiful girl in a bikini swam in the pool of a 5 star hotel not 20 yards away…

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  1. Sy says:

    Check your mail, Tim in Sing. From Feb 5th for a month, so you should be able to get a tour!

  2. adam says:

    Hey there andy, fantastic photos.. good to see you are still well. just dropping you a line to tell you that i am moving back to alice springs. and that i am willing to meat up and ride a stint with you. or organise some adventures in the center. so keep that in mind. got a phone on now so if you want to call it is 0061 414337879. as you ar going on a road that i have ridden now. hpe to hear from you soon.

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