So this morning I woke up at a buddhist temple where I was given rice and two small tins of sardines for free and now I am on the Khaosan road which is a bit different..

If you want to cycle into Bangkok I would suggest that you don’t. Not as bad as Tehran or Istanbul but cycling down a motorway with cars and scooters coming at you for a day in the heat is not that much fun. Until you discover the delights of M150. what is M150?

The nice thing is that when a Thai through either myopic vision or sheer crass stupidity does try and kill you they wave to signal it was their fault. Not like in China where you quickly descend into.. well lets not go there shall we. ahem.

So ahead of schedule. I thought it would take five days top get down here but with the road being so flat I managed to do it in four. A successive series of days spent sleeping at petrol stations and being cheered on by lady boys. No really. Hard life no :)

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  1. Sy says:

    As Parsons used to say, ‘check for the adams apple’ :-O

  2. Kris says:

    Can you look in at Baan Mai Thai guesthouse and see if my bike’s still there?! (Decent place to stay too if you want to get away from Khaosan road, 150BHT and in a quiet local lane – email me if you are hanging around and want details).

  3. Administrator says:

    how would he know hmmmmmmmmmm….. :)

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