I am sat in Vientiane, Laos. A bit French, clean but a bit run down, a lot of tourists but with very good food and the knowledge that the hills are over its all good. even better was the news that the Thai embassy will give you 60 days double entry for free. Yeah, no smiling at pond life or anything resembling a backhander, just hand in a form with two passport photos, come back the next day after lunch and try not to stare at all the western freaks… there are some odd people here…

So Thailand tomorrow and thats it with Laos. The country was only 700km from border to border but so far it is up there in my top two. If you have a chance to visit this place, aquire a mountain bike with suspension, go ultra light and get off the main roads into the woods. Go find some elephants and hill tribes before its too late.

On a different topic, how is this one for a new road to ride?


 The number of overland cyclists has to be seen to be believed in Laos. Everybody has had the same issue with burma being closed forcing a detour into China. If this situation changes, expect all the traffic to go through India again. On this note I should point the way to this man…



By some beautiful randomness the book I have been looking for turned up in a second hand book shop here… it took me a morning to read and I would suggest you buy a copy off amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-High-My-Everest-Odyssey/dp/156331830X). I know of at least one person who knew this man and well… yeah…

So anyway 2500km to Singapore,  then a Singapore Sling at Raffles? :)  

(As always go to http://www.bossanovabikeride.com/ to see pictures from somebody who can be bothered to find an internet cafe when others would rather stay in bed and watch bbc world.)

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  1. Thorn says:

    awesome Andy! You guys keep up the good teamwork. reading both blogs gives me great perspective on the whole adventure! By the way, I’m writing my own blog entry on Martin, for dartsaroundtheworldDOTcom, and will mention you and your blog–it should be published in 2-4 weeks…i’ll let ya know. So remember, as my buddy’s ENGLISH biking buddy, you are also on automatic assignment to take pictures anywhere you see dartboards, hehe. Safe travels and keep up the great writing! (You got Martin beat in the writing dept., he’s just the photo winner, heh)

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