how they did it before in the old days.. some good info and a lot of overt racism…

If the link is not working then go to crazyguyonabike and look for journey to the centre of the earth. Just look at what they carry… my god.

One last one..
This guy rode the road I wanted to do but in the opposite direction in the 90’s. Unable to get through this time but you never know if it will open up in the future (probably not eh…). A nice line about how it was a lesson in the management of pain :)

Why I am posting books? I am bored… Sat in Leshan waiting for another visa extension of the Chinese government. So in brief:

- The road south has 1450km left and looks very bad which means my birthday will be in China (bad) Xmas will be in China (very very bad) and new years is likely to be in the middle of nowhere and not vang vieng as planned
- A drunk Chinese kid tried to break into our hotel room. We thought that was a bit cheeky when there was a policeman downstairs. Turns out if you are a cleaner mopping floors you are allowed to wear police uniforms and have no connection with the authorities whatsoever
- They eat dogs in Chengdu. Want to see something that will make you cry… Dogs in cages on the back of a motorcycle off to a restaurant…
- They eat ducks heads here in Leshan

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