It always makes me smile to think of the scallies walking round liverpool with their arms out swaggering down the road..  Not just Liverpool, there where a few people who shall remain nameless that I knew before I left that thought they could hold their own…

So you think your hard…?

Ok then… This was found on an austrlian forum whilst researching water points across the desert…

Re: planning long distance summer tour

Postby Detail » Tue Feb 16, 2010 5:05 pm


So you really want to bike an uninteresting main highway into gale force headwinds during the Wet Season?

So what?

Man, last year I met a woman who’d biked from Germany to Australia via all the ’stans and Tibet. Then a year of off-road tracks around Oz. She’d just biked from Cairns to Adelaide via the Birdsville Track, in January.

Her bike had no gears.

If you want to do something different at least tackle something that will be a challenge: the Canning Stock Route; Cape Yorke via Lakefield National Park; the Gunbarrel Highway.

Highway 1?

That’s a sealed road man.

I met a 7 year old kid biking that.

Point made?

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