Day ?

“Only when the last tree has been cut down; Only when the last river has been poisoned; Only when the last fish has been caught; Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten”

1/ Got me a new visa extension
2/ Slept in a hotel where the walls where made out of cardboard boxes
3/ Saw a man carrying four sheep on a motorcycle that where still alive
4/ Went to have dinner in yet another grotty roadside cafe and ended up in the kitchen making dinner myself. “Look give me the chicken and I will do it…” cue taking a cleaver to a chicken…
5/ The 10 most commonly used expressions whilst cycling across China:
1. How are your legs/head?
2. Did you see that? He is a ******* moron that is why…
3. Truckdrivers should be shot.
4. Rice or noodles mate?
5. How many K left today?
6. Want to camp? no, thought not…
7. Have they got Oreo’s in here?
8. That is vile, that is truly disgusting.
9. Wonder where Fergie/Jean-pierre is/are?
10. Have they got CCTV english on the TV?
6/ We have learnt that you can toast marshmallows on a primus, lord knows what effect the diesel fumes are having, probably less than the pollution here which is rank
7/ Diesel shortage in China!!! Come on!!! no fuel no trucks, no trucks means no idiots with their hands surgically attached to their air horns..
8/ Saw some wonderous Chinese small holdings, an ox and a plow, solar water heaters, old girls knitting, peace and tranquility only to be spoled by ahem… trucks…
9/ Rode 3 passes (3850, 2950, 2500m) in three days. Do not want to do that again.
10/ Rode down 3 passes in three days, nearly lost the front going round a hairpin too fast on ice, one of those fun little tuck and then grip again wobbles that get you screaming at 9 in the morning..
11/ Had yet more refusals to camp. Martin got down on the floor to mimic sleeping so there was truly no loss of understanding on either parties behalf… ok, so we can not sleep on land that is clearly not yours, so we will go across the road and freeze there… you happy now?
12/ still no cheese or butter sighted. rumours abound that it is available in kunming….
13/ trying to design a coleman portable oven that i can get made out here so i can start cooking pizzas… anybody have any ideas?
14/ one of use ****** out of a window and the other **** in a bin because the toilets where that bad. put it this way the door fell off the first room we where shown as the guy in charge tried to maintain a straight face… up there with some of the worst i have ever seen…
15/ if you go into a restaurant and they have a big picture of a pizza, it means they do not have pizza
16/ after two months the entire extent of our chinese is, hello and thankyou. we might be saying thankyou incorrectly though
17/ we met some of the best people yet in Lanzhou, big thanks to sammy and his friends for dinner and all their help. So far lads you are the highlight of this country

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