Day more than the one below

“The bigger you build the bonfire, the more darkness is revealed.”

- Terence McKenna

So – China -

I think the less I write the better in fear of offending anybody but my god I have never been anywhere in the world where the people are how can I put this in a polite fashion…. vacant. The lights are on but nobody has been home for a very long time.
You see acts of crass stupidity when you travel (hell most of them are of your own making, like pouring petrol down the toilet of the happy hotel…) but to see some of the people here.. and the spitting, jesus wept. You know what sound a chinese alarm clock makes…

no… it is the sound of a man clearing his throat at 6am then emptying the contents on the carpet outside your room

Everywhere I have cycled so far people will return a nod or a wave, in some areas you struggle to keep up with the greetings, here a sullen empty stare. No questions, just a crowd of people looking at the map and staring at you waiting to see if you do anything strange – I am considering trying to ingest food through my ear to really confuse them…

Ian is a saint in comparison to Martin and I. Endless patience to put up with this but then he is a GP. Maybe my compassion for understanding has diminshed due to (a) the incessant urge my body has taken on to try and pass my internal organs out through my arse and (b) trying to stop (a) from happening whilst cycling over 110km a day, every day.. through the second largest desert in the world….

If i was on my own.. well put it this way i would be going through a living hell. there is nothing out there… no shops no water nothing. Luckily i am with two people who can more than handle their own which makes this whole affair descend into a joke.. and i am actually having fun..

So from here- well we tough it out for the next 1800km till the end of road 315 then due south where I hope to get into Laos and sit on an inner tube and float down a river with a beer in hand….

Oh yeah, for those going overland into thailand check the visa regs as they have just been changed, there is info on thorn tree about it.

Thanks again to somebody who can be bothered to take pictures there are some from Dushanbe to Murgab that I cycled with xavier and Kristof- thanks pal and respect for making it-

Kristof… do you know how to get movies on the dell axim? it is driving me nuts man what do i have to download to get it to work mate?

One last thing— where i am sat is on the exact line of Khatmandu, so in a way i made it, just shy of 11,000km and in the wrong place but I did what I set out to do, I managed to cross the line on the map. you know this means a third attempt now…

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