Day 226

“It is not cheating if you make up your own rules” Dean from Leeds

a slow upload means no video so let somebody else do the hard work eh! thank ian for his efforts to document the last week -

- Day 151 onwards -

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oh yeah the decision has been made – off to laos wish me luck

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  1. Heleen says:

    Best of luck Andy!!! Was wondering; once you reach your goal, will you cycle back? ;) Thinking of you and very glad you posted a message again. big hugs xx

  2. Heleen says:

    Had a look at the websites you mentioned and i have to say that i am amazed by your friends’ pictures (and blogs). The photos are so beautiful!!! Wow, really pleased you pointed us in their direction.
    And what fab pics of you!! You look so incredibly happy. This is what drives you, no doubt. Cannot imagine you will ever settle in an average life when you have experienced this! Seriously happy for you. And glad that you met all these amazing people on your trip. Thanks Andy xx

  3. Greets from Xining. Well .. looks like it’s toooooo late for chinese mountains :/ Cold, snow, frozen mornings :/ And … not enough will and mood to go through this. So looks like buses to Yushu … to the eastern Tibet just to touch this region, this culture, this people.
    And cycling down . .towards Laos.

    see you around

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