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Day 226

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

“It is not cheating if you make up your own rules” Dean from Leeds

a slow upload means no video so let somebody else do the hard work eh! thank ian for his efforts to document the last week -

- Day 151 onwards -

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oh yeah the decision has been made – off to laos wish me luck

Day 225

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

“We are now entering the land of Pork” Ian at the chinese border…

China :)
Just a tiny bit shy of 10,000km or 6,000 miles and I made it to China… it still does not seem real, so if you are surprised reading this then think how i feel…

The big decision now is whether to head south into Pakistan with all that it entails, then into India and up to Nepal or………………… go for bust and head across China to SE asia and keep going. Tibet is completely out, so out that Martin who I have been cycling with had a page of the lonely planet ripped out at the border as it showed the region…

A decision will be posted soon. In the meantime I have chores to run, and lots and lots of chinese food to eat. Photos and videos will be up later today if all goes to plan..