Day 159

“The maples and ferns are still uncorrupt, yet no doubt when they come to consciousness they too will curse and swear” Ralph Emerson

So the embassy that shall not be named said come back on monday.

I came back on monday after sitting for four hours outside only to be told that the man in charge is not coming into work today. Of course he is not.
This is after going to the bank and being to stand and wait for half an hour as the women who i need to pay the money too walks round reading a comic…
The Egyptian ambassador for culture could do no better and he sat and fumed alongside me as I tried not to scream “who do i have to bribe in here”

This is all after four hours sleep. Going to the pub last night with friends and being given a wolf skin with all the important bits still attached was a novel experience.. This is after the owner of the bar karate chopped a vodka bottle with his bare hand and lit the patio area we where sat in with wool and mutton fat candles due to yet another power cut…

So walking from the pub back home with a fair sized wolf skin slung over my shoulder, 2 large bottles of beer in one hand and an ice cream in the other i try and gate crash a wedding. Being told no quite obviously it was somewhat of a surprise to walk 25 metres further down the road and be invited very warmly into an even larger one.

Free food, lots of free vodka, being given money as we danced for the crowd and then a speech by each one of us in front of at least two hundred people thanking Uzbekistan for its hospitality to be met by cheers and applause…
I missed the best moment though.. the bride apparently walked out towards the dodge car with gull wing doors(!) only to projectile vomit as she passed down the main aisle…

Yesterday I saw Tashkent in a different light, it is very slowly starting to grow on me and the people are incredible at times.

The afternoon before the festivities of the evening where spent at a flea market, maybe the largest I have ever seen full of the debris from the soviet factories amongst a million and one crazy items. In no particular order:

- A complete glassware set taken from lord only knows where that would get you arrested in two minutes in England. Crank lab anybody?
- A hunting dagger with a clock and a torch on
- A soviet ice cream cone making machine
- A fold away record player that packed into a tin no larger than a standard CD player
- A toggle switch made out of Bakelite that was rated for 4500v. Perfect for that sub station I want to build..
- Gin traps (when did you last see them?)
- Woks a metre across
Get the idea? So much randomness and to be topped off by a fight with a drunk guy and a fat woman who could ask for more?

So off to find a seamstress who can sew me a winter hat out of a dead wolf as I wait for somebody to do their bloody job.

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  1. Kris says:

    I could not respect you any more. I feel like the biggest woos sitting here in a hostel in Delhi, times ten for the fact I’m about to go and sit on a beach for 3 weeks… and then take a leisurely ride through SE Asia.

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