Day 156

This post is brought to you by today’s sponsor: that has to be worth a pint no :)

- Tajikistan tick.
- China tick.
- The country that shall not be named…. when they decide not to have a day off and open they tell me too come back at three. No worries we go to the bank and pay the crazy amount they ask for in advance. Clever no?
‘I would like to pay for the visa for ‘The country that shall not be named’ as their embassy is now closed’
‘No paper no pay Mr’.
‘What time does your bank close?’

So here till Tuesday then due to a mixture of my own incompetence and bad luck… Not all bad though, yesterday I went and had a pint on a faux wooden ship in a soviet amusement park on the edge of a lake overlooking the peoples friendship palace with an affable swedish chemist. Bet you have never written that sentance before :)

Then dinner with Fabien who I met back in Bukhara (here because he lost his flight ticket in the airport and has to wait until the next flight out to Bishkek… Sorry, but the more people that here the story and smile the less the joke costs no?!) and three other French people; an anesthetist and two girls travelling together who where a professor and an asylum seeker worker, the latter you could look at for a very long time…..
At breakfast with a sore head I learn that the anesthetist I had been eating with the night before had sailed solo from Africa to France over a period of three years…
If you are reading this Mr anesthetist then please send me an email as I have a multitude of questions to ask you :)

So back to sit outside the embassy for another 3 hours until somebody can be bothered to actually do the job they are paid for.

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  1. Sy says:

    Check Tibet stuff, general feeling is access maybe limited unless part of a tour group, or you may have to apply for the Visa once in China.

    Cheers for the plug! Pint waiting on your return! Update the map!



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