Day 141

“God is a concept by which we measure our pain” Lenon

More spurious thoughts that emanate from Iran.

Yesterday was a day that I will not forget for a while. I went for a walk to the shrine. The third most holy site in the Shiite Islamic world. And there is me wandering through to the section where non Muslims are banned.. and then being caught up in the what can only be described as mass hysteria as people frantically tried to touch the mausoleum that houses the body of Imam Reza… You ever felt very out of place?

The problem was that I got so lost that I had to make the same journey back through thousands of people in order to get out. The second time, the door kissing, screaming and the carrying and hitting of dead bodies was only slightly less disturbing but the fact I made it through without somebody putting a hand on my shoulder is truly remarkable.

Not as remarkable though as going to smoke a water pipe with 11 girls up in the hills. 3 offers of marriage a couple of pints of non alcoholic malt beer and the discovery that you can have temporary marriages. Get married for a week.. why not :)

The girls last night confirmed again the prices imposed for fingernail painting (5 dollars per hand) and hair colouring (50 dollars) and my favourite 18 dollars for having sunglasses pushed back and resting on the front of your head. Flouting all these rules quite casually they warned me that things are starting to get stricter and that the government is pushing things back to how life was just after the revolution. How long this will endure I have no idea.
With America launching its latest round of sanctions and the story today of how Iranian flights are being refused avgas out of Iran it seems that push will come to shove sooner rather than later.

Sanctions are a state of war it is undeniably so. It is a tactic that is as old as the hills. Starve them out of the castle. They might as well resort to using trebuchets to fling plague ridden cows onto Tehran.
The real problem is that the government will not suffer. They never do. The people on the street however are already starting to feel it though. Petrol is up and continues to rise, the price of bread and basic amenities are up too and new notes are being introduced to cope with the inflation that is in real danger of running away.

Contrast the behaviour of Iran in the last ten years with that of Israel and see who should be being watched. My greatest concern is that the lies and misinformation circulated in the west about this country will ultimately result in yet another debacle that our western governments are so good in initiating.

Rant over. On a slightly happier note have a recipe for free:

Iranian soup

To be eaten when it is xxxxing hot outside

You will need:
- Ice cubes or cold water from local mosque.
- Basil
- Tarragon
- Parsley
- Iranian spring onions (get spring onions and use the green stalks, same taste just the bulb is never seen here)
- Yoghurt
- Flat bread with the little stones that the baker has not taken out to dislodge your root canal work
- Raisins
- The smallest and most evil green peppers you can lay your hands on
- Walnuts
- Salt and pepper
- Radish
- Cucumber
- Garlic

(1) Grate a whole cucumber into a bowl
(2) Do the same with the radish and garlic
(3) Shred the herbs and add to the bowl
(4) Add green pepper, walnuts and raisins
(5) Pour in yoghurt and ice
(6) Season to taste

Eat sat on a carpet using flat bread with a fan set on max as close as possible to you. Enjoy.

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  1. Sy says:

    Hi mate all sounds ‘interesting’ there was a piece on radio 4 ( yeah alright I’m slowly slipping into middle age) about government approved hair cuts?!
    Keep it up! We’ll be able to sample the surf in Cornwall when your back as a house has been purchased in St Ives the other day……Sweet!
    Take it easy Sy, Charlie and Alice( whose growing so fast )

  2. Ed says:

    Hi Andy, Sounds incredible, sorry I haven’t left any other comments yet – have been reading every week though. I think some serious beers might be in order when (if?) you get back. And the most beautiful spanish girl in the world would like to get your number. Seriously.

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