Day 118

4370.1 Miles. Four thousand three hundred and seventy point one miles.

From ST15 8DA to Tehran just me and this little bicycle that I love and loathe in equal measures..

I am now on a visa run so I can not write more as I am stressed beyond belief. Some bastards have just decided to launch a civil war where my route had been changed too after Pakistan stopped giving out visas. I shall mention no names but come on…

Strangest thing seen today (for which there have been many) a man riding a motorcycle using his right leg to control the left foot pedal (gear change) with his left leg raised up on the pillion seat, whilst weaving amongst traffic. Try it. That and being led into Tehran by an obese man on a scooter, or using the internet here in a mobile phone sales shop, or the sign facing the german embassy annoucing how iran will never forget their sale of chemical weapons to iraq….
It is beyond nuts.

So off now to try and watch the world cup in my guest house. I missed the England game against America as call to prayer came on and ALL the tv channels switched over accordingly…

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