Day 110

So Iran.. the axis of evil has been entered. Dont make me laugh.

It is a crime the way this ocuntry is portrayed.. want to go and visit a mosque there will be a young boy giving you a tour who pays for your entry.. Want to find something admist the barrage of visual distractions that is written farsi.. ask somebody and they will escort you to where you want to go. Cycle up a hill and be saluted by the Iranian revolutionary guard… These people I wish to make clear are not obsequious but are actually interested in what you have to say.

Holding court in front of twenty students who had taken a break from their Koran study course to tour the Blue Mosque here was one of the strangest feelings I have yet had. Trying to answer why no young people from the west come here and why people are scared of their country makes you ask once more, how long before people wake up to the lies we are told?

Even the how can I say, rougher elements of society are friendly. I cycled across my first salt lake through the oppressive heat and found an Iranian beach resort. It consisted of rough shacks on the edge of a salt lake which I thought would suffice for a nights camping. With the wind increasing to storm levels I pushed through the sand only to meet four men taking a break from importing/smuggling tea from russia who asked me to join them in eating a watermelon. The first course of water melon was then followed by bamboo straws and opium. Frantic gestures of how if they are caught then they will be in trouble was laughed aside by one of the men when he pointed out how he was a police officer.Making polite excuses as the whole situation was too strange to comprehend I spent the night slightly further down the beach hoping the tent would survive the sand storm.

Morning followed with forty miles of road through the desert. The mononity of long straight sections are interspersed by mud hut villages, insane towns with rotting roadkill lining the open sewers and finally…. the joining of the motorway which will take me to Tehran.

Oh and pizza and burgers. The food has been raised from Kebabs which I now have a strong aversion towards and today has been spent walking round the city eating and drinking everything new I can find. Which is mainly non alcoholic beer. found in peach, cherry, tropical fruit and a multitude of other flavours it is like beer but without the good stuff…

So I leave tomorrow and head to Tehran where the journey now takes a twist. I had originally planned to head through Pakistan but with the security situation so bad I am not going to gamble on entry to Tibet so it is up through the stans. In the meantime please do some reading on

For those of you even more curious do some research on Iranian energy reserves. But I am sure your government would not tell you lies…. for it has your interests at heart…

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  1. saeid says:

    hi andy.
    i am saeid, from tabriz
    We met you in front of the newsstand when you buy water.
    You asked us Cheap hotel’s address.
    I gave you hotel address.
    I was pleased to meet you.
    You had a nice trip.
    send me mail plz.

  2. David - Munich - Los Angeles says:

    Two weeks.

    I just turned down two opportunities to relocate to Las Vegas and make 90,000 per year. Two months ago I would have jumped at the opportunity, but now that things are in motion…

    I leave for Bangkok in two weeks (June 22). Granted my airline ticket hasn’t been confirmed, but that is only a minor detail in a journey of this nature. Only 5 weeks ago I only had $100. Not nearly enough for an airline ticket. Then due to an interesting chain of events I was paid to move out of the house I was living in, which was enough money for a one way ticket to Bangkok.

    Now I am down to a couple hundred dollars. Not nearly enough to make it to Nepal, but I figure that makes it interesting. I plan to hitchhike my way there and meet you there around the time you get there.

    Now since this is a carefully planned trip I have no itinerary, and little to no concept of how long it could take to get there. Actually I don’t know when you will arrive either. I hope to arrive in Kathmandu sometime around the end of August, but we will see how things go.

    See you in Nepal.

  3. Sy says:

    Good to hear all is well, super busy here, logo on the bike yet?
    s,c & A

  4. Administrator says:

    you the man dave. you the man :)

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