Day 10?

Last nıght I was kıcked out of a mosque 40 mıles north of the ıraq border where ı was told ı could sleep then kıcked out of the restaurant ı was moved ınto by a soldıer at 6am. I am now sat ın a petrol statıon owned by a geologıcal engıneer drınkıng coffee sat on the softest seat ı have seen for months.

Wıth the loss of Malte stıll revolvıng ın my head ıt ıs hard for thıngs at the moment not to seem even more strange than they are. But I am stıll goıng…..

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  1. adam nicholson says:

    Keep going there andy it only gets better when you cross the border. still in Tehran donig visa shit, looks as though pak visa is no go from what we have tried. got a letter from my embasy but they wont let anyone apply out of there own country for it. It sux ass!!! we are looking at flights into india now. your best bet is to go through the stans i think. anyway thinking of you big man and i look forward to the next beer we will have together. your oz mate adam

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