Day 61

I have just had my heart broken by a dog. We have just spent two days squatting a church on a derilict spa complex that has fallen prey to the economic crash.

His name was Rambo. He was as dumb as a second coat of paint, covered in ticks and felt the need to bite everything in sight but he had more personality than people from not so long ago. Some of you will get that reference. Others, well probably best you don’t eh?!

In the meantime I am sat in Komotini, and what has been happening well in no particular order highlights include:

- a man who lived in germany during the war who had the might of the RAF dropping bombs on his house singing its a long way to tipperary to us

- seeing a hearse overtaking down the middle of the road breaking the speed limit…

- dipping my toes in the med, better than paddling in the north sea

- trying to buy dog food in greece on a sunday

- waking up under mary mother of christ for two succesive nights

- being bitten to death by mosquitos

- seeing ribs that i did not even know i had

- and the simple joy of cycling thropugh greek towns, the world stopping and waving at us, guys on motorcycles with no gloves, helmets with beautiful women on the back blasting down the road, old boys in pick ups on the farms and the sun. this is not england. this is a long way from england. it feels hot, it feels good and i can assure you its better than the office.

p.s. 360km to istanbul. its getting closer :)

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  1. Sy says:

    Alright boys,

    how is it, the weather here’s sunny and has been for over a week now, broke out the flip flops yesterday, good times !
    Surf is flat thou.
    Business is almost there just waiting for lathe and Nitrogen kit, however the Gods are conspiring against me with the small triple of a Volcano stopping any deliveries from the States, Curses!!!!
    Taken a while to shift the gut then only just seen the ribs, I’m cultivating a paunch at the mo due to lack of bike and sitting in front of a computer!


    Carzart lads


  2. Gemma says:

    Hi Andy,

    I know it’s hard to do so but keep on doing the blog, it’s fantastic. It’s kept me going through days when i’ve been stuck doing paperwork in the office. For 15 minutes or so I can take myself to Bulgaria, Hungary or whichever country you are currently in, it’s great!

    I really think cycling when you’re travelling is a great idea, cause you seem to really get to see the heart of the villages and places you cycle through and meet the true local people in all their eccentric glory! You’re blog is a beautiful snapshot into the liberating exploration of a wealth of different cultures that you are touching on.

    You’re writing style is fantastic and very humorous at times. Arrrr, this is starting to sound like a critique, not at all intended. I am very envious, you’re writing style is far superior to mine! Keep pedalling, i look forward to curries with you in India! yum yum!

    Make sure you get some injections and anti malarial tablets before you reach Pakistan and India. Several people i know have come back with nasty bugs from India and even malaria. Its not worth the risk, cause once you’ve got malaria, that’s it, you’re stuck with it.

    Lecture over, I look forward to seeing you in India,


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