Day 57

Hmmm updates are becoming slightly more sporadic of late. I shall not make excuses as the motivation is there to write and record what I am seeing but procrastination is a disease.

So I am sat in Greece which in all honesty was never really planned for.

Coming across the border was quite remarkable in the fact that the first village that we encoutered had white house, tan roofs, olive groves and was strewn with flags. Everything on the postcard ticked off.

We ended up riding through the town looking for somewhere to sleep and by luck as opposed to any real skill we happened to come across a church that was positioned so it overlooked the town. Be it for keeping a watch on the populace of the availability of cheap land I know not.

We flipped a coin to see who would go back into town for drinks and so followed 15 minutes of trying to strap beer onto my bike in front of bemused locals. Back at the church/graveyard we drank the night away, followed by another trip into the town for a bottle of ouzo. All was going well until we fell asleep on the front porch of the church only to be woken by rain running down the walls of the church onto the floor soaking everything we had. Waking up and finding a dry spot to move onto I fell asleep to the pleasant sensation of rain in my face as the wind steadily picked up..

A couple of hours later as the sun rose we heard the noise of a car driving up the hill. A middle aged man jumps out and expecting a confrontation I was astounded when he produced a shopping bag containing breakfast. How many times have you ever got drunk outside a church then been woken up with a free breakfast provided by the local school teacher?

We spent the rest of the morning drying out the equipment then left very slowly after lunch my faith in humanity restored only to find that we where not in the location we had originally thought, which meant cycling 5 miles out of town and 5 miles back. Those pesky Greek sign writers eh Malte?! ahem…

So realising that fortune was not on our side we ended up eating an icecream by the side of the road and electing to calling it a day. We cycled to an olive grove which housed a pig farm. An olive grove with a pig farm and a gang of stray dogs that prowled the area malevolently. I know.

The olives are still not ready otherwise I would have spent a pleasant afternoon scrumping but we cooked and fell asleep to the sound of industrial animal farming. Hear a pig scream through the night and it will make you go organic I swear.

So packing the bikes, yet another coffee, a blessing from a passing priest of the Greek orthodox church, another dozen waves to random cars, the occasional cheer to a family of gypsies cooking breakfast in a field, a unimog, strange solar water heaters, people smoking in supermarkets and a nice rise in temperature and I am up to date. For yesterday at least.

I will try and fill in the gaps when I get the chance. In the meantime please take a moment to check out the following two blogs:

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