Day 26

Prauge. At last, it was only 25 miles this morning but it might as well have been twice that as I just could not get going no matter how much coffee or chocolate I consumed. But we made it and well, the difference between sleeping in a muddy field and this is quite dramatic. I think one of the best aspects about travelling on a bicycle is that you get to see the changes in how the cities develop from the villages to the towns until you wind your way through to the main square before puishing on out again.

We have an apartment for 14 euros a night, there is a bar serving big meals for less than a fiver round the corner and i plan to do nothing today other than fix my tent, wash my gear and sleep. lots and lots of sleep as this is the first day off the bike since holland.

I look forward to seeing how many drunk english people i meet here on stag do’s acting as fine cultural ambassadors but we shall see..

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  1. Heleen says:

    Amazing! Time to chill and enjoy the city and culture, I think you totally deserved it. well done :)

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