Day 9

Enschedee. At last, I have been seeing ‘vom der haag bis Enschedee’ for a long time and as irony will have it I lose the signs coming into the town and I never do get to see the last LF4 sign. No closure on that one then.

Its raining as is normal now. Its cold and I stop at the first hotel to ask how much it will be to stay. At 110 euros for a night I ask if there is anything cheaper in town. I am directed towards the train station where I see a sign saying bead and breakfast. As the sign is in the window of a coffeshop I can not quite work out where the rooms are. I go into the shop and find that there are private rooms in the back of the coffee shop for 20 euros a night.

I take a room from the lady who has a fag constantly hanging from her mouth and say hello to the two german residents covered in tattoos stoned off their tits watching the discovery channel entraced by a program about killer sharks.

I go for a walk and find that we are next to a gay sauna and an adult video shop. The classier side of town no less. I try and get a map for the R1 That leads to Berlin but to no avail. The man in the Dutch tourist information centre rejected any critiscm of the dutch bicycle network. Apparently its all my fault and that nobody moves or steals the signs. Fair enough. Git.

I decide to spend a day resting in Enschede so the tattooed germans and I work out an unspoken arrangment for the television remote control. I dry my kit, sleep like the dead and feel quite sad to leave the very strange and very tolerant part of the world that is Holland.

Onto to Germany then.

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  1. Heleen says:

    and no comments about our amazingly flat and well kept cycling paths?

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