Day 8

After waking up in the Caravan thinking I would have been better off sleeping outside and taking my chances I get on the bike and start cycling towards Arnhem. I am trying a new approach in that instead of making a city the end point for the day and all the stress which that entails, as you arrived exhausted, disorientated with the light starting to go down.. I try to stop off for lunch then camp on the other side.

The other side worked better than I could have imagined. I stopped at a random persons house to ask for water and if they knew of anywhere to camp. I was given a photocopy of a local map and I went off to find a camp site that was marked about 5 miles away on the map. Getting to the location I could see nothing until after asking around I found it was a local family who would allow people to put tents up in their garden.

The couple invited me into their home where I ate dinner with the three young boys that they are looking after and shared a wonderful meal. After feeding the kids kendal mint cake which in hindsight was probably not the best idea.. I played bow and arrow’s with the kids and after nearly having an arrow through my tent I was then taken on a tour to see the farm’s many cats.

The dutch couple admantely refused to take any money for either the camping or the meal so I ended up doing the dishes as a way of saying thankyou. If you want your faith in humanity restored and any misanthropic ideas quashed then get on a bicycle and go ride through the middle of nowhere.

I was waved off in the morning and at this point I realised that my camera has seen more water than it likes and has decided to die, so apologies from this point onwards that there are no photos.

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  1. Heleen says:

    Do i see correctly and did you actually pass through Veenendaal? Don’t get me wrong, nothing special, but it is my hometown and you could’ve stayed in a nice warm bed instead.

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