Day 7

I wake up in the morning open the door of the tent and see across the field a lady walking her dog who looks at me like I am mad. The fog is down and its below freezing so I pack up as quickly as possible and cycle off in search of breakfast.

Keeping on the LF4 I am taken on a tour of Dutch surburbia and village life. It would appear that the planners want to take as many detours as possible to show you the full gamut of styles that are found across this country. the thing that strikes me more than anything is that everything is so Clean. Clean and again no tracksuits. Like Germany the country gives off an air of stability and efficiency. If there are bad parts I am yet to see them.

The other point that is reinforced time and time again is just how friendly people are, and how bad our grasp of foreign languages is in comparison to those on mainland Europe. Everybody speaks english, even if only a small amount but the usual response when the question is posed if they speak english is a defensive “”of course..’”

I spend time in the afternoon talking to an English lady called Jenny who had married and settled just outside of Utrecht. Sat on a bench in the middle of nowhere we swapped travel stories.

I left and ended up sleeping the night in a Caravan park run by an old hippy. Costing the same to camp as it did to stay in a caravan I slept in the caravan. Not brave enough to sleep on the floor or the bed as they are so dirty I end up falling asleep on the sofa listening to the world service and wake early to get on the road again.

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  1. Sy says:

    Hey, making good progress! Not much happening here re. baby
    Take it easy.

  2. Heleen says:

    Hm after all the time spent with me, I wonder why you are so pleasantly surprised by the Dutch culture and people…

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