Day 6

I loaded up the bike with trepidation knowing that it was likely to be  a tough day as whilst my right leg had healed, I could barely stand on my left ankle. I loosened the float in the pedals as much as possible thinking it might do some good and headed off into the centre of rotterdam to pick up the LF4.

The Lf4 long distance bicycle path starts at the Hauge and finishes in Enschede. the idea was that there is a Eurovelo route that picks up on this path and heads all the way through to Berlin where I am due to meet Malte.

What I was not aware of was how hard it is to follow the signs. Stood in the middle of the Dutch countryside miles from anywhere trying to second guess a Dutch sign maker is not a game I would recommend.

Arriving at the Hauge I asked in the tourist information centre for a map to get out of the city and to see the building where Tony Blair would be brought to account. I attained the former but the latter was not understood. Shame.

I spent the afternoon sat outside a cafe in a very upmarket part of town eating cake, drinking coffee and watching beautiful people cycle past. Is there a better way to kill a few hours?

Leaving the Hauge I ended up camping in the middle of nowhere. That in itself posed no problem but it was when I started cooking a lentil and sausage stew that I realised I had no petrol for the stove. If you have ever been so hungry that you will eat a stew uncooked then heaven help you.

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