Day 3

Day 3

Hull. One small word that in the English language defines somewhere you don’t want to Live. Even people who have never been there say it is bad.

They are right. 

There are a lot of bad towns in the north of England. I say this knowing full well it is likely to offend people. I care not. A bad town is a bad town.

Go to Hull and show me a smiling face.  So cycling very fast at this point I get to the ferry terminal and meet a group from Newcastle heading off to Amsterdam. Feeling very sorry for the Dutch I board the ship and spend the evening talking to a squaddie I was sharing a cabin with on the way over about how in his words ‘we are in Iraq for oil and Afghanistan for gas’ and fall asleep to a mixture of the sounds of the disco behind my cabin and my room mate waking up intermittently screaming; be it from some past trauma or some future concern I did not think it appropriate to ask at 4 in the morning.

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  1. Heleen says:

    yay typical Andy story… we want more! :p

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